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Castle Lyons, Castlelyons, Co Cork
Castle Lyons was built by David Barry, the first Earl of Barrymore, in 1627. The Barrymores were infamous, being involved in various intrigues including treason, one earl being betrayed by his own son and heir. 

Eventually the sixth earl, Richard Barry, succeeded to the title in 1751. He was a gambler and cheat, educated at Eton and Oxford, and the worst kind of absentee landlord. It was during his time that the castle was burned down by an accidental fire, caused when a soldering iron was left unattended on the roof during repairs to the lead gutters. The English housekeeper, when confronted by the hord of villagers who rushed to help extinguish the fire, thought they were attacking and barred the door.

Castle Lyons is really too long ruined to be of great interest but is easy to find in the little village of Castlelyons. It is right next to a yard full of agricultural implements which is not very romantic! There is a ruined mausoleum to the Barrymores in the village graveyard but unfortunately we did not visit this. It would be worth looking for whilst there.

Map reference: W 841926
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