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Of course, ruins are to be found everywhere throughout the world. It could be said that the most famous sites in some cities are ruins the Acropolis in Athens and the Coliseum in Rome for example. One doesn't need to hunt for these though and that's half the fun.

There are not many “Other Ruins” featured here and the ones that are are not really in the same category as the English and Irish ruins on this site. However, they still hold the same fascination and appeal so have been included anyway.

It would be more fun to come across some crumbling, vine covered temple in an Indian forest than arrive at a great fort on a tourist coach and be surrounded by peddlers pushing knick-knacks at you but this is something I have yet to do! The Barbadian sugar mill is the closest to a proper ruin hunt but was stumbled upon rather than hunted for so doesn't count either but is still included here as it is an “Other Ruin”.
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