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If ruins hold a particular fascination for you, whether because of the history or the building, its architectural merits or simply the melancholy of its appearance and mystery of its collapse, this is the site for you. 

It is the latter that has always inspired me to investigate that crumbling pile just showing between the trees on a distant hill, or to clamber through rusting gates and follow a long overgrown driveway to discover what is at the end. 

All types of ruin are interesting in some way.  Four fallen walls are enough to inspire the imagination and give a country walk a purpose.  When was the place built?  What type of lives were lived out here? And, most important of all, why was it abandoned and allowed to collapse?

Of course, some kind of story, preferably sinister and concerning ghosts, is the best accompaniment to any kind of ruin hunt.  Every ruin hunter would love to experience the flitting reminder of previous occupants of their discovery.  Just the feeling that some original occupant was standing in the room with you or the certainty that someone called your name when no-one was there…

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