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Having found the target of your search, you will have to consider the probability that you must trespass in order to examine the ruin more closely. Usually there will be signs up warning you to keep out and, of course, one should obey these. However, it is no crime to set foot upon open land as long as no evidence of your visit is left afterwards and, if no damage is done to the property, it would be a churlish landowner who would object to an interested party merely taking a look and a few photographs [see disclaimer].

Frightening warning signs are often erected not only to dissuade those who might damage a property but as a legal protection should anyone be harmed while on a dangerous site. Should anyone be injured and sue for damages, the defendant could argue that they had warned the claimant not to enter the site and therefore any accident was their own responsibility and not that of the defendant.

One should of course be aware that ruins are extremely dangerous. Crumbling masonry, un-collapsed cellars, uneven floors covered in piles of rubble and rotting ceilings are just of few of the many obstacles to be found in an abandoned building. Great care must be taken.

Please note that www.ruinhunter.co.uk takes no responsibility whatsoever for any action taken as a result of trespass or injury occurring to any visitor having searched for and/or visited a property mentioned on this site or following suggestions covered herein.

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